Crack Climbing Technique

At the crack climbing clinic, we will teach the technique needed to climb cracks.

We will begin our day covering various methods of taping to protect your hands for the hard work ahead. Before heading to the rock, we teach a wide variety of techniques, from finger locks to butterflies and toe jams to knee bars. After the demonstrations, each of you will have the opportunity to practice the techniques on our crack-simulation boards.

At the crag, we will set top-ropes on routes from 5.9-5.11 to provide the opportunity to practice jamming. I know that the grades may seem intimidating, but I guarantee that if you apply proper crack climbing technique the climbing will begin to make sense.

Clinic Cost: $125 (All Climbing Gear Included) 

Climber Requirements: A desire to learn how to climb cracks. Ability to safely top-rope belay. Ability to tie your figure eight follow through.