Scholarship Program & Mentorship Opportunities

She Moves Mountains is a small business that is mission based in its work. Our focus is aimed toward creating educational spaces for women to realize their strengths by challenging themselves on the rock. Based in this mission, we have created scholarships to engage more women who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to take part in our programs. We are also developing a mentorship program to provide more opportunities for women to gain skills in rock climbing instruction. 

SCHOLARSHIP with She Moves Mountains


At She Moves Mountains, we have supporters step forward to give financial gifts and create scholarships for more women to attend clinics and retreats. If you have a desire to give a financial gift to our scholarship programs, we will direct 100% of those funds to cover costs for women who would otherwise not have the opportunity. In 2018, She Moves Mountains will match to 20% of all raised scholarship funds. 

Contact Lizzy to give support to our 2018 scholarship funds. Please, feel free to include what purpose you intend your financial gift to go to. For example; if you intend to help bring a new client into our 'Intro to Outdoor' clinic, we are happy to make that happen.

This year is our first year running a formal scholarship program, and we plan to grow this overtime. She Moves Mountains Scholarships will be posted in February, 2018. We owe thanks to those who have stepped forward to make these possible and we are overjoyed to have recipients join us in She Moves Mountains clinics, retreats, and events. For further inquiries of scholarships, please contact 

Current Scholarship Programs:

  • The Jojo Scholarship - A generous donor stepped up to positively impact diversity in the outdoors by creating the Jojo Scholarship with She Moves Mountains. 


MENTORSHIP with She Moves Mountains

 Photo captured by Corey Warren. 

Photo captured by Corey Warren. 



Mentorship has been at the heart of She Moves Mountains from the start. Carey and Lizzy, the founders here, both wished there had been more mentorship from women when they learned how to climb. We have since recognized that many women feel the same way. Also, in the rock climbing guide industry today women are far outnumbered, but this is a shifting trend. We hope to put more weight on the female side of the scale and support more women in becoming rock climbing instructors and guides. 

Attached is our 'Mentorship Packet' which describes in more detail how you can participate. Currently, women taking part in the mentorship program will attend clinics and assist the lead guide in instruction. Mentees will not be responsible and/or liable for clients, but will safely support the activities of the day. We have a limited amount of space for new mentees and will try to engage as many as we can through the season. Please, fill out the 'Mentorship Packet' and email it to