Sarah Regan


If there is such a thing as an organized, reliable, and well-groomed dirtbag, Sarah is just that. After graduating from Evergreen State College in 2013 with a degree in Sociology, she has been living out of trucks and closets, successfully managing to spend most of her days out sport climbing. On her quest to taste as much quality North American rock as possible, she has discovered a deeper passion to create a positive and supportive space for new climbers to push their physical and emotional limits. She gains her inspiration from the eager, playful, and hungry women who energize the clinics she teaches. Sarah hopes to build a collective confidence among women in the outdoors through education, mentorship and solid good times.

contact Sarah to arrange a day of private guiding for up to 6 people

Could you give up? If you do you'll be wishing you hadn't, if you don't you have to actually try. But you can't just hang there forever. This is where you need more than a belay, more than a guide, more than an instructor. You need an ally that will encourage you to work through those dark head spaces and push yourself to the top.

Sarah's approach to private guiding will enable you to figure out your mental weaknesses in climbing and work through them step by step at your own pace.  Sarah seeks to intertwine her knowledge of human psychology with the art of climbing to break down the barriers that hold us from our true potential both on the rock and in life.

Sarah is constantly created lists of her goals and objectives and taking them down. She has been on a 5.12 sport climbing spree in all of the Western states from Wyoming to California and is currently following her new love for 5.10 trad/multipitch. She believes that our head has a tendency to disconnect itself from the body under feelings of anxiety and oppression, and that climbing can be an incredible tool for learning how to reconnect the head and body.

Sarah holds a degree in Sociology from the Evergreen State College and is a certified Body Positivity trainer. She is an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, working on her Rock Guide certification and is attending grad school to become a fully licensed mental health counselor.

So, what's holding you back?

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