She Moves Mountains scholarships work to support our overall mission to create an educational space for women to realize their strengths through rock climbing clinics. We understand that, while women in general are still working to create their own space in the outdoor world, the pathways for women of diverse ethnicity and race in the outdoors are more limited. We are here to assist in changing that.

She Moves Mountains found the support of a generous individual to create the Jojo Scholarship to help us impact diversity in rock climbing recreation by providing a free spot in our 'Intro to Outdoor Climbing' clinic. The scholarship is for women of diverse ethnicity and race who have an interest in learning to climb. 

All climbing equipment will be provided to the scholarship recipients. Clients receiving the Jojo Scholarship, would just need to show up at Smith Rock with shoes for hiking, water, and a lunch. Guides will provide all gear and equipment needed to lead climbers through a day at Smith Rock State Park to introduce them to the adventures of outdoor rock climbing. More details on the clinic can be viewed here:

To apply for a JoJo Scholarship, please fill out the online application form below. We will work to give winners as much advanced notice as possible.