Whether your goal is to try rock climbing for the very first time, get outside with a group of friends, have an exciting day exploring a new area, or to learn mental techniques to push yourself while on lead - our guides will make sure to cater your climbing day to meet your goals. If your schedule is flexible you can request a specific guide to work with by contacting them directly (see below) or if you prefer to book a specific day email us with your preferred date(s), location, how many climbers and we will choose the best guide to fit your needs.

Jenny Abegg

There’s nothing Jenny loves more than a good adventure and covering a lot of ground in the mountains. Throughout the past seven years, she’s slowly ticked off dream lines in areas such as Patagonia, the Bugaboos, the North Cascades, Zion, and even Rio di Janeiro.

Katie Paulson

With a resume that boasts ten years of climbing Katie has more experience than anyone else on the team. Katie can be found casually jogging twenty plus miles, free soloing up Castle Rock, climbing 5.12 cracks, or cuddling her dog Mo.

Lizzy VanPatten

After years of climbing all over the United States and Patagonia, Lizzy started She Moves Mountains as a means to confront the lack of female presence in the climbing and professional guiding world.

Jessica Olson (JO)

You never have to wonder where Jo is because you can hear her laugh from ANYWHERE at the crag. There is no denying the pure joy climbing brings to Jo. Her stoke is unreal, motivation pure, and patience endless. If you’re looking for a joy filled day, climb with Jo.

Sarah Regan

Sarah is a quiet crusher who excels at everything she attempts. A thoughtful individual, she likes to start the day with climbers asking for their intention and works with them to not simply get to the top of a climb but to learn and grow as individuals.